Corporate Governance

CSR Policy

Siam Power Company Limited is delighted to be able to assist the community in a number of significant ways. Firstly, a percentage of our revenue is donated to the Village Community Fund in Nonthaburi where the plant is located, which goes toward the development of infrastructure and schools in the district. The creation of local jobs through hiring of employees from the area is another contribution to the local economy. Lastly, of course, getting rid of refuse and reducing pollution in the community, by turning it into energy, is a benefit to us all.

According to the municipal plan we follow, once the landfill has been cleaned up, it will be landscaped into a lovely park with bike trails and pleasant spaces for relaxation — a spot which was once unwanted transformed into a place to enjoy beauty and serenity. We also have plans to establish a learning center on the site, to educate the community about the important benefits of alternative energy.

Whistleblowing Form

Siam Power Co. Ltd. is committed to a system of open and transparent communication, in order to resolve questions and/or complaints pertaining to Corporate Governance or Corporate Compliance. This commitment is made irrespective of whether stakeholders are internal and external.